Mystic Meg

19017453chessballMystic Meg has just told you to “go for it!” and that the only thing that is standing in your way is your belief system.” Yes you can” Mystic Meg just told you, just as Obama tells us all that “Yes we can!” just as Jim Donovan, the positive US New Age pundit asks us to consider going beyond the negative thinking that keeps us focussed on the things we don’t want. He even wrote a book about it.

Jim Donovan

Jim mentions that phrase “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” – that does indeed hit the bull’s eye. In other words, what you focus on is what you get. Take the good old Roman, Marcus Aurelius, he believed that “life is what our thoughts make of it”. He was no fool, he made the most of his status and privileges and kept thinking power and prestige. Being aware of what we think is not so new after all. A man’s life usually moves in the direction of his dominant thoughts anyway. Even Mystic Meg would tell you that.

Have you ever thought that what they say about the bumble bee is actually true, that they can’t fly because their little wings are too small for their furry, round bodies. Jim Donovan tells us what Mystic Meg and many other advisers and empaths would tell us, which is – have you have ever seen a bumble that can’t fly?

Your conscious mind is only 17 percent of your reality. What you see around you is filtered through your mental perspectives. If you think that you will never have a boyfriend, you will never have a boyfriend. May be because that “not having” frequency will emanate into the world around you like a radio wave and pull men who “don’t want to be your boyfriend” to you.

When things go wrong, when life is considerably dreary, instead of repeating how bad things are, start by looking at what is beautiful around you, it could be a simple smile, just a leaf or a ray of sunshine shinning down on your head. Have you ever noticed that even in the worst of circumstances there is always something beautiful going on around you somewhere?

Putting your life back together, and transforming it into something wonderful requires a capacity to dream. Make a Dream List of positive things to do. Start “simple”. Dream a day out on the river, an ice cream cake, a walk in woods, the sweetness of a cuddly kitten, the smile of a child, a slow drink in a pub garden. These are dreams that can come true! When you teach your subconscious mind that one dream can come true, it will accept that others can too!

All those who make life work well for them are dreamers says Jim Donovan. Jim Carrey was a dreamer, he wrote on the back of a blank cheque “pay to the order of Jim Carrey, seven million dollars.” Carrey earned exactly 7 million dollars when he made his first movie.

Jim Donovan likes to remind us that way back at the end of World War II a young kid in Austria was picked on by his dad and his school mates for being “scrawny”. Instead, he visualized himself on a podium with a medal around his neck, that kid was Arnie Schwarzenegger, the skinny boy who became a champion body builder, Mr. Universe Contest Winner, the star of “Hercules comes to New York” and the Governor of California.

Mystic Meg would tell us “see, you can create a happier life if you believe in yourself!” Most empaths would also say the best way to get things done is to be the very best of who we are! So think about all the things you like about yourself and some day others might notice them too and something good will happen, perhaps you will realise that nurturing loving thoughts about yourself can only bring you success and happiness! Try it, it is possible! After all, that is the power of the Law of Attraction! Be happy about your amazing life! You are a gift to the world!