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24646088mysteriousSonia Barrett


Free psychics could have diverse background but their main intention is to help others. Many free psychics, who offer their services as a contribution to the “good of all” through a special offer, or a need to help others, have been through their own personal challenges. It is for this reason they are able to read for you with such compassion on line. Metaphysical teachers, like author Sonia Barrett, for example, could also be considered psychic or at least an individual who sees life as an intense series of circumstances especially when she went through a challenging divorce. She asked herself why she sustained a difficult marriage for so long, she realized that she had to dig deeper for answers. Because of her suffering she was determined to find those answers, but she did not want to seek through others. She knew there was a way to pierce through her own veils of delusion and understand about the nature of a spiritual reality that could relieve suffering. She had no idea how to meditate; she came from a Christian background, but something in her told her there was another way. So she would sit diligently focusing on engaging her breath. One day after doing so much spiritual searching, she pierced a veil and caught a “wave” of enlightenment. The breath had just opened her being up, and she was literally vibrating. At the time it she felt this was a mystical experience. So much so that it made her realize that there was a reality beyond, which she termed as a matrix, or a metaphysical system in which all human beings operate. That was the beginning of her opening out, just as free psychics could tell you that they have also experienced an opening out similar to Sonia’s. A time when their psychic gifts were almost “given” to them, as if they had experienced an initiatory ceremony, in fact some of them have.

Benig Mauger


Empaths, free psychics, healers and mediums will all attempt to help us heal our broken hearts or at least guide us on our way to emotional understanding. Benig Mauger had her heart broken, and wrote a book about it. She is now a Jungian psychotherapist wanting to help those who have suffered the same type of loss. Just as psychics and free psychics tell us she reiterates we often repeat emotional patterns that are based on Jung’s animus and anima theory, which is that we internalize images of our fathers and mothers sometimes as the villains of the piece. Often free psychics will point that we are projecting on to others, relating to them like we relate to our parents. So rather than taking responsibility for our own feelings we push them onto another. Like Benig says, we create the inner images of the masculine and feminine within us. When we are attracted to our partners, we project something we feel we do not have on to them. We seek to heal our emotional wounds through them. Perhaps we were separated at birth from our mothers, or our fathers never were with us. So we will unconsciously choose a partner who will be destined at some time or other to repeat the same parental patterns and even betray us. Any empath, including free psychics also seek to heal us and help bring more insight and positivity into our lives and relationships. Some free psychics have been through these sorts of heart breaking situations themselves, and realize how we can push people away without realising it. Their own experience of heartbreak can guide us, with compassion though. Free psychics’ readings, no matter how short, can point these facts out to us, and help us avoid the recreation of personal patterns that cause constant upset and delusion.

Bellaruth Naperstek

Bellaruth Naperstek was involved in clinical social work and uses the path of guided imagery to help others, just as a psychic, free psychics will use spiritual imagery to help us connect to our souls. She also has helped war veterans leave their traumatic pasts behind them. Bellaruth is definitely not a psychic, but like free psychics she offers her amazing services to help people understand that they too have the capacity to access multi sensory imagery to heal themselves. Bellaruth connects to the feeling and emotional senses of her clients with her guided meditations just as free psychics relate to someone’s deep sensitivity when they are suffering loss. Bellaruth realizes that helping people overcome their fear is her life purpose. Free psychics will also want to help us overcome our fearful feelings with their spiritual advice, sensitivity and soul mission.

Benig, Bellaruth and Sonia are all amazing women who were interviewed by the Conscious Media Network. What was quoted above were aspects of their own personal takes on healing others and helping those who are suffering to make their lives a better place to be. Just as free psychics on line offer their services without payment on occasions, these amazing ladies teach us inspiring ways to live our lives through their interviews with the Conscious Media Network! .