Love Forecast

19017709loveboxLadies and gents, looking for a love forecast since the “adored one” has been a bit lax recently? They have not called for a week, and you have got to “pretending” you do not to care. However, your astral body is hanging on for that call as if you are dangling off a cliff edge with your highly polished fingernails. But if you think about it, perhaps that love forecast would have been totally unnecessary if you had remembered that age old adage, “The way to any lover’s heart is through their stomach!

Magical folks have known this truth since those hairy cavemen were waiting for the “Brontosaurus Dinosaur stew” to be served. To this day, wise lovers always make sure they add a few of those “extra” spices to the curry when the “honey” comes to call. These knowing folks swear they have cut back on that weekly love forecast since they brushed up their culinary skills. So how about creating a bit of magic in your very own kitchen! Smell the herbs and watch your love life scintillate as your Mister or Mrs, delights in such recipes as “Please Me Now Pecan Pie”, “Woman Come With Me Soup”, “Mister/Mrs Stay Home Tonight Stew”, and many, many more that are fun to cook and even more delightful to eat with your beloved!

For starters cut back on next week’s love forecast with the following lip licking, lusciously succulent, guaranteed-to-touch-the heart-strings, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and there are even more appetizing love recipes of this type to be found on

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

For starters, prepare 1 pound of fresh strawberries, washed and patted dry, stems intact, and thoroughly air-dried. Then 8 ounces of good-quality bittersweet chocolate, broken into chunks, followed by 1 tablespoon of solid white vegetable shortening, and 1 ounce of Grand Marnier liquor or fruited brandy Wrap pieces of Styrofoam in plastic wrap for fruit to rest and drip on. You can also use any firm-fleshed fruit, such as cantaloupe or orange halves too. Pour about 1 inch of water into bottom of a double-boiler and heat to hot but not simmering. Melt chocolate and shortening in top of double-boiler, stirring occasionally until completely melted and smooth. Remove top pot and place on a heat-safe tripod. Let cool for about 5 minutes. While chocolate cools a bit, carefully spear strawberries with toothpicks. Working quickly, swirl each strawberry gently in the chocolate about halfway up the fruit and place inverted on toothpicks into the Styrofoam to cool and harden. When done, place in refrigerator to further set the chocolate shell. When completely hardened, use a syringe to carefully inject a bit of the liquor into the centre of each strawberry, being careful not to over-fill. Chocolate drippings can be stripped from plastic wrap and retained for other uses.

Be sure, your loved one will jump for joy at such delights, especially if they know you prepared the strawberries with your own loving hands. They might even start bringing you their own love food for sweeties, boxes of chocolate, handfuls of candy and Caserta ice-cream for example. Life will seem beautiful again and the next love forecast will most probably say “love life back on track, expect to find a diamond ring under the soup tureen!”