Free Astrology Reading

19035458astrologyringThe news flash is that most of us are more than fascinated by astrology. We might ask ourselves how it is possible that a few planets rotating up there in space can affect us lot down here? But we also are aware the moon not only influences the tides, but our emotions, (ever had a lunatic boy friend that morphs into a werewolf every time it is full?) It is also evident to the bulk of us humans that Leos do in fact exaggerate, that Taureans are stubborn that Pisceans “swim” around problems, and that larger than life Sagittarians are socially inept! In other words we are fairly convinced the stars have something to say about life, especially if we go in for a personalized astro reading


But what about that free astrology reading, what can it do for us folks? Well the free astrology reading will probably present us with a prediction regarding the play out of world event such as those “seen” by the amazing astrologist Kaalchakra, even though they could have us reaching for the creme to menthe yet again. His online free astrology reading predicts the USA will continue to slide down the slippery slope, that there will be a huge increase in air and rail accidents, that there will be floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, and generally dire weather conditions, with huge storms in Europe. He also insists the planetary conditions will add fuel to flame and raging fires will spread across the globe, well this prediction has already come to pass in Athens, Greece where the current tragic blaze has turned homes and lives to ashes. In passing his free astrology reading also mentions that the United Nations will fall in on itself like a pack of cards and that law and order will hit an all time low. However, even though there is a strong fear element in these types of free astrology readings, nobody cannot deny there is another side to the proverbial “astro coin”.

In our first paragraph we mentioned a few sun signs, well a free astrology reading will also tell you that Leos do not only exaggerate, they are loving and generous, that Taureans are not just stubborn but stable and organized, that Pisceans are not just overly idealistic but artistic and creative, and that Saggys can make us laugh so much we will always go to their parties. Another, dare we call it “positive”, free astrology reading was seen by our good selves, and Astrology News also. The presence of Jupiter in Aquarius, especially during the pan out of 2009 into 2010 will affect many with a new lease in life. So even though our favourite Becausemic Teacher “Mr. Saturn” will still tend to hit humanity over the head with his “mighty becausemic meat axe” forcing us to learn those dire lessons, something new and wonderful will emerge from the ashes also. Yes we can predict that humanity will get a move on from the infant stage, and start to learn to walk.

Whether we are into dealing with the challenging aspects of “Ye Olde Mr. Saturn” or not, there is still a possibility that positive astro energies will work with us, and we can build on innovative political mores and social innovations that will help the human race evolve rather than devolve. So a free astrology reading is not such a disappointment after all, and we really do not need to get so down in the dumps about the myriad negative predictions “out there!”. Let us stick by the premise that thought is creative, and build on the good on things in our lives.

You see, a spot on free Astrology reading can cut through the rumour, caste aside the hearsay, make sure the astro news update goes according to plan, and give us the information on a positive global level. However unless we obtain an in-depth assessment on our personal “astro sky” from an online or email astrologist, it is fairly unlikely we will get the whole picture. Knowing that type of personal astro information would really be a very interesting news bulletin, even though it ain’t free, don’t you think?