The Psychic School

34768864magiccastlePsychic School is something we would rarely contemplate for our children, unless they were called Harry Potter that is! In our more prosaic view anyone attending a psychic school is an adult and looking to learn all about alternative paranormal information.

We certainly would not seek out “A College of Witches and Wizards” or psychic school as an alternative to mainstream education unless little Janey was moving the soup tureen across the table just by staring at it. So in short, unless we were amongst the more empathic echelons of the population, we are not aware of the invisible forces working through life. Learning something new about the “nature of reality” might be quite good for us really. For example, when it comes to electromagnetic vibrations, we cannot decipher infrared or ultra violet ray because we only use 5 percent of our brain power and it is our brain that deciphers what we see! However if we are open minded enough we will give our kids the benefit of the doubt when they tell us they “have spotted” big angels, may be because their vision is innocent and they do not have the same limited perceptions as we do, but you can forget Psychic School as an educative panacea to Janey’s paranormal faculties!

Etan Boritzer

Etan Boritzer commented on the book “The Secret Spiritual World of Children” by Dr Tobin Hart in the on line magazine “Global Intelligencer”. In his book, Dr Tobin Hart tells of “children predicting auto accidents, or describing simple but powerful moments of ecstatic unity feelings, for example a father relating how his five year-old boy fell three stories out of a window and miraculously survived without injury because, as the boy puts it after the fall, “The guys dressed in gold caught me.”

The Secret Spiritual World of Children

In “The Secret Spiritual World of Children” Etan Boritzer tells us,. “Dr Hart observes that children seem to develop their own “spiritual style.” One child may be a “natural mystic” in his/her ability to access guides or guidance, while another child may be “empath,” naturally open to others’ feelings. Or perhaps a child is a “natural philosopher” asking the Big Questions very early on. He suggests acknowledging the unique and inherent qualities each child has as they bring the mystical down to earth in our everyday lives. For example, one little girl predicted that “a truck with a man who can’t speak English” would hit the car she was riding in with her mother. When the accident did occur as predicted, she went into hysteria in the hospital when she discovered the accident had been caused by an illegal alien. The poor little girl thought she was the one responsible for the accident.”

When we hear such stories we might think it would not be such a bad idea if there were a psychic school in our local neighbourhood. Perhaps in the future there will be. But we would need to open our hearts and minds to consider that option today. Unless, of course, we are certain that a child attending a psychic school would not meet up with difficulties in their everyday lives and be considered a sort of “black sheep” to be teased at school.

But how can we help our children adjust when they experience out of the ordinary metaphysical events, or sense things that others do not? First of all we must be careful not to deny their experience. We might acknowledge their “invisible friends” even laying a place at the table for them at dinner time.

Boritzer reports Dr Hart as saying “Parents should learn different ways to nurture their child’s creative inner flow while integrating it into the “normal” world. Most certainly they should not hush up the amazing experiences. Simultaneously, the child must also learn to take responsibility for her or his “talents” without being made to feel special or “better than” because of them.”

Recent Studies

Recent studies have shown that infants are emotional beings right from the moment of birth and even before. When they are tiny, obviously their emotions are primary, but as they grow in the first six months, these emotions become powerful, and perhaps can facilitate a connection with diverse realities the adult mind cannot access or see. We are all born to feel, but perhaps these feelings are so sensitive in a child, that they can indeed connect to hidden worlds. The book “The Secret Spiritual World of Children” by Dr Tobin Hart vouches for the paranormal experience of the child, and in the future it might be just a matter of course that such gifted little ones attend a Psychic School! Miracles do happen.