Psychic Quiz

19265610psychicquizA psychic quiz is a fun proposition, as it lightens up the rather more paranormal, some might say “creepy” aspects of metaphysical readings. In fact a psychic quiz could get you rolling in the aisles. Some web sites utilize an array of stupid questions to get your juices going, and then your answers are forwarded on to the psychics who undertaken an assessment of your past present and future as well as your personality traits by analyzing your answers, no matter how silly. Links to for example has gathered together an absurd, yet entertaining, psychic quiz with questions like:

Do your feet feel:

a) Fuzzy and warm.

b) Comfortably toasty.

c) Dry and cracked.

d) Sore.

e) Soft as a baby’s bottom.

f) H-O-T hot!

g) I can’t tell they’re in plaster casts for 8 more weeks.

This so a psychic can gather what personality slot you fit into!

You might ask what on earth could be the point of such a psychic quiz, but to be frank not all paranormal feats need to be dead serious. There comes a time when a psychic quiz makes us laugh rather than cry, or even worry about the boyfriend calling or not. A question such as what did you feel when your last relationship failed is certainly not as fun as inane questions that seemingly have no point other than for psychics to pick up destiny’s rather more light hearted aspects.

Another type of psychic quiz could be to test out whether we are psychic or not, with questions like can you read another’s thoughts, or can you make things happen by utilizing mind over matter? Or even, can you tell what strange coloured geometric shape will follow another strange coloured geometric shape, rather like a MENSA intelligence test?

Some psychics that want to work for a media company, such as Russell Grant’s astrology line might have to take a different sort of psychic quiz, more like a sample reading to make sure they possess the right kind of metaphysical talent before they go professional. But one has to be aware that psychics are also human and have their off days, psychic quiz or no psychic quiz. If you understand that the psychic picks up energies like a radio antenna you will also understand that on some days she might just get bad reception!

So a psychic quiz can be used to either have a lot of fun answering daft questions for an empath to analyze in a light hearted way, or a psychic quiz could be all about sussing out paranormal talents. Whatever way you look at it a psychic quiz is a fun experience that can give us more insight, no matter how superficial, about the rather more mysterious elements that run through our lives!