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Psychics and mediums are many and different in nature. Some are five star, some are less than miraculous. But when it comes to psychics and mediums and their excellence, a name that jumps out of the usual line up is that of a certain Billy Meier considered a phenomenon when it comes to the psychics and mediums of this world. Let us say he is a sort of Swiss “Nostradamus” surrounded by controversy whose visions of the future are both frightening, inspirational and come from a remarkable source!

Billy, was born in Switzerland and is currently a prophetic, Moses look-alike a bearded 67 year who has gone through numerous attempts on his life by shadowy forces who obviously want him to stop broadcasting his predictions and deny photographic and filmed evidence of extra terrestrials communicating their knowledge to him.

Since he was a child Billy claimed he has been in contact with the Pleijaren (aliens from the Pleiades), who the Greeks called the “nymphs of heaven” and who are both humanoid and exquisite in looks. He says he was taught by an older Alien Pleijaren named Sfath who simply walked out of a landed UFO, and instructed him on the mysteries of life. His latter teachers were exquisite extraterrestrial Pleijaren women called Asket and Semiase. Since that time, he has seen the disruptions that can occur when he releases the information channelled to him, but after various lie detector tests, his claims have been verified as the truth.

At this point you might be raising your eye brows, or reaching for a cup of chamomile tea, but remember that this perceived champion of psychics and mediums, is not just that an awesome channeler but a man who has written down thousands of pages of prophecies dictated to him by the Pleijaren. These prophecies have been verified as correct as they have actually come to pass.

Billy has also taken myriad photos of UFOs, some contested in their authenticity by the sceptics, but many verified in laboratories. The photos were analyzed into digital information by the same instruments utilised on photos beamed back from space by the US Pioneer mission. No overlays were found and the pictures were also found to be genuine. Some have contested them, as the odd photo seems “strange” but overall they are in effect “real!”

Billy has also gathered together “metal” fragments of UFOs. Marcel Vogel was a well known IBM scientist at the time of testing these metals and he said that these types of material had not been encountered on planet earth and that “no current technology could describe them!”

Billy’s predictions

Billy’s predictions did not come in the usual formats utilised by psychics and mediums as they were channelled from the Pleijarens, but they are still remarkable, and are as follows:.

* The Jonestown massacre (Nov 18, 1978)

* Overthrow of the Shah of Iran (Jan 1979)

* Chinese invasion of North Vietnam (Feb-Mar 1979)

* Iran Hostage Crisis (Nov 1979-Jan 1981)

* Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (Dec 1979)

* Terrorist attack on Iranian Embassy, London (Apr-May 1980)

* Abdication of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (Apr 1980)

* Death of Tito of Yugoslavia (May 4, 1980

* Mount St Helens eruption (May 18, 1980)

* Assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (Oct 31, 1984).

In February 25, 1975, Billy also channelled the following information: A-bomb testing, explosions related to ozone damage; high-frequency “elementary radiations” unknown to terrestrial scientists; damage to Earth’s rotation, magnetic disturbances, polar displacement; contribution of bromine gases to ozone damage; penetration of UV through holes, killing micro-organisms and leading to disruptions in food chain, genetic mutations and other long-term negative effects for humans and the planet. This evidence was corroborated: on November 29, 1988, with a report published by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories announcing this “new discovery”: “Atom Bomb Testing Tied to Ozone Depletion”. This was also corroborated: in 1991, when National Public Radio confirmed the connection between bromine gases and ozone layer damage. In fact, even the most evolved psychic and mediums would be at a loss to explain these aforementioned extraordinary “visions”.

Some people say that this is either the greatest “scam” of the century or that the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials and the danger in which this planet might find itself in future, might need to be recognised. Billy says “I don’t worry, if some people call me foolish or mad, I know it is necessary to fulfil my mission. I do not care about my life, I just have to do it! My hopes are very simple, to bring love and peace to this world, till natural laws reign over this world!”