Telephone Psychic Reading


As Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “there are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy!” and the human mind and our destiny are perhaps one of those “things”, and a mystery to us all. Perhaps for this reason our first telephone psychic reading can be a daunting event. Nerves, and our own audacity might overwhelm us as we dial that number. But nothing will stop us; something is pushing us to seek an answer to our woes through a Telephone Psychic reading. Perhaps the reason we prefer to remain anonymous rather than going down the local fair and consulting Gypsy Rose Lee, or booking up to meet up that tarot card reader, our friend so highly recommended, is because we prefer privacy. There is something about the intimacy of a Telephone Psychic reading that allows us to confess to things we would normally keep to ourselves. May be it is because we don’t have to give our real name, maybe it is because we can reveal innermost secrets without seeing a disapproving expression on someone else’s face whatever it is, we go with the impulse! In any event a Telephone Psychic reading is a link to another world, a spiritual world that astonishes and surprises us. A Telephone Psychic reading could not only be our lighthouse in the storm but a sort of personal life coach helping us find concrete ways of overcoming challenges.

True Story

Chrissie is a gorgeous woman, when she walks into a room it lights up. She has absolutely no problem attracting guys, on the contrary they buzz around her like Bees to honey. But, she can never find the right one; the lads that get to the front of her queue are invariably womanizers who do not know the meaning of the word “commitment”. Chrissie’s very first Telephone Psychic reading is with the warm hearted Amanda. At first it seems startling. Amanda “sees” Chrissie’s attitude is sending out the wrong signals, in fact her “love” problem has absolutely nothing to do with her love “Destiny!” On the contrary love would soon rush out to greet her in the shape of Mr. Handsome. But as Amanda tells Chrissie she does not have to “play games” or act like someone else to get her man. Something snaps within Chrissie’s heart. She begins to understand, and admit to the shyness she tries so hard to hide. The Telephone Psychic reading with Amanda astonishes Chrissie and helps her think about a new way of being in the world. In just a few intriguing minutes Amanda has managed to define Chrissie’s problems and help her make progress in her love life.

Can a Telephone Psychic reading like the one with Chrissie, really open closed doors? Certainly it can give us another vision of life, a refreshing new point of view, perhaps helping us let go of irrelevant emotional attitudes that keep us stuck in the past, or held back by our doubts and fears. A Telephone Psychic reading might wake us up to the fact that we can actually do anything we yearn to and that only our insecurity and lack of belief in our amazing potential can hold us back. Through a good Telephone Psychic reading, we learn that “Destiny” is not just a word, but also an opportunity to change what is not working for us. After all, the Forces that be, desire the very best for us and perhaps if we wanted the best for ourselves too, our lives would transform for the better!