Matrix Energetics


Today’s turmoil is plain to see. We are all concerned about the increasing degeneration in human behaviour. Terrorist attacks, climate change, worldwide conflicts and strange new diseases, such as Swine Flu, disturb our peace of mind. Currently global warming is hitting us hard, with its oddball tornados, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and fires. “Trouble spots” are exploding all over the globe. The degradation of our environment is affecting our health, for the worse. We need solutions, and the healing system known as Matrix Energetic could be one of them!

Matrix Energetic

It might surprise many of us to learn, that innovative metaphysical healing techniques are currently transforming perception of disease. In fact, the revolutionary Matrix Energetic has taken the USA by storm. Its results are as phenomenal as its creator, the very original Dr Richard Bartlett, who manages to heal broken bones, longstanding chronic disease and emotional issues in minutes, sometimes in seconds, due to what he refers to as a “Miracle Mindset”

Dr Richard Bartlett

In 1997 Bartlett discovered that if “Mind and Matter” met that miraculous healing occurred. He also discovered that if he used particular hand movements combined with creative visualisation techniques, the healing process was accelerated. Interestingly, Dr Bartlett’s healing system ties in with the theories of Quantum Mechanics. The foreword to Dr Bartlett’s book Matrix Energetic states, “By applying forces known to modern day Physics, each of us can tap into a state of healthy awareness from different moments – in essence, travel in time – and bring those moments into the present for immediate, profound healing results”. In synthesis, visionary thinking can heal health problems. Puzzled? Read on!

Dr Bartlett is certain that “each new generation of our human community has been inspired by the science of its time!” and obviously in the case of Matrix Energetic, Quantum Mechanics is that science! Dr Bartlett also points out that, “The key concepts of Quantum Physics teach us that we are one with our universe and inextricably connected together by a mysterious energy called “The Zero Point” Energy Field. That Zero point is the sea of virtual particles that lies beneath the universe!” Some could perceive that energy as Divine Essence, God, or All that Is! Dr Bartlett teaches us how to connect to that Zero point and obtain phenomenal healing effects; in other words, ground breaking perceptions of reality are broken down into simple techniques that achieve miraculous results.

After a treatment with Dr Bartlett Linda said” I have suffered backache on and off for years, I also have suffered with bad heartburn and bloating when I eat for the last few years. Tests showed stage two lesions of the oesophagus. For the first time in a long time I’m able to eat a meal without going in to extreme back pain under my shoulder blade. I even was able to eat tomato sauce and orange juice, which usually makes me very sick. I feel like I have a new lower back.”

There are countless testimonials of this nature on Dr Bartlett’s website Matrix where videos of his workshops and healing sessions add to the mystique around his wondrous abilities. However, the surprising “X-Factor” to the Matrix Energetics healing system is that the normal person can learn these techniques and help himself and others heal.

When Dr Bartlett was asked what the goal of his work was he replied, ” to teach as many people as I can how to have these perceptions and do this, because it is very easy to learn. Mothers can help their children and families can have access to free health care that is right at their own fingertips. Matrix Energetics is a powerful new tool anyone can use to supercharge whatever it is they’re already doing to heal and transform, and to do it pretty much instantly!”

It is encouraging to know that such pioneers in the health field actually exist. This new and inspiring healing vision for mankind could be challenging for many of us to digest, or even believe in, but if we measure it by results, it has already proved its validity hundreds of times over, and it might be possible that in years to come we will all be able to take charge of our own health issues where “Mind and Matter Meet!”