Psychics UK

8259308euromapEuropean Middle Ages

No matter how strange it might seem, Psychics UK, i.e. the online psychic, medium or numerologist hark back to olden times when Egyptian priests performed temple rituals to the Goddess Isis. Psychics UK, or the astrologists and empaths we know of today still tune into Spirit via those magical mysteries that swept down from Persia, Egypt and Renaissance Italy, right across Europe and England in the Middle Ages. Some say the horrendous witch trials stemmed from fear of the magical mysteries. The “powers that be” were terrified metaphysical practices would have more power over the people than church and government. In fact, the village witch was often the beautiful young damsel cultivating a herbal garden and helping her neighbour heal from cholera, her simple ways a threat to the then status quo. So therefore the practice of magical philosophy inherent in any gathering together of Psychics UK would signify far, far more than just the image of the archetypal gypsy staring into the glass ball, or the astrologer calculating planetary placements.

Universal Faith

There is a powerful worldwide tradition behind Psychics UK. Let us put it this way, there is a universal faith in the invisible and a fervent belief that material reality might not be the only truth “out there”. Psychics UK encapsulate the spiritual “worker” who would have undergone an initiation, during which they vowed to work for the good of humanity. Such “practices” have always formed part of magical tradition and are also inherent in American Indian Shamanism and the sacred ceremonies of Judaism and its Kabbalistic offshoot, so even your basic tarot reader who forms part of a Psychics UK network would have undergone a sometimes-arduous path to gain higher understanding of alchemy, philosophy and spirituality. She/he probably has a deep faith in God also.

New Age Psychics

Many of the belief systems inherent in Psychics UK have their roots in Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism and Hinduism. The New Age has rehashed these philosophies and come up with new perceptions of Spirit that gather together many forms of supernatural perception, integrating them into a new expression of the magical and mysterious. To many, magical practices seem suspect, simply because they have been hidden from the majority’s eye that is why they are referred to as “the Occult”. Yet no matter how puzzling that “Occult” is to us, we cannot help but believe in the power of the paranormal. It captivates our imagination, astonishes and delights us even if we do not have a conscious understanding of its expression. In fact, even the more sceptical amongst us realize that there are far more things in this world that we cannot explain, compared to those we can.

Psychics UK try to define the “unexplainable”, i.e. ghosts, past lives, soul mates, twin flames, fortune and misfortune. The search for metaphysical definition spreads far beyond the British Isles. It is an unstoppable worldwide phenomenon, a gathering together of spiritual knowledge if you like. The tarot reader, the medium, the astrologer, the numerologist are “international”, for their knowledge harks back to ancient magical formulae expressed in many civilisations throughout history. As they integrate these practices into modern day life, we try to make sense of them. The resurgence of interest in the metaphysical is due to the stress and strain we are all under. The financial crack, the dangers of war and nuclear expansion, the coming 2012 are part and parcel of our reality. We feel we are losing control, which somehow destiny is out of our hands. But we need to remember that we can return to that ancient, more mystical understanding of life. We can still be enthralled by the invisible and captivated by the unexplainable for somehow we know its ancient wisdom assists and supports us as we journey through life.