School Of Psychic Studies


Okay folks, here is a basic questionnaire for you to answer. Tick off as relevant.

1 – Do you have a strange mark on your face, perhaps an unusual beauty spot, or a little scar?

2 – Do children and animals run towards you like a long lost friend?

3 – Have you seen an UFO?

4 – Do objects fall out of your hands or doors open of their own accord when you are around?

5 – Do people either adore or hate you at first glance?

6 – Can you transform your dark thoughts to light in less than five minutes?

7 – Do people say you have a faraway look in your eyes? Or, is your face slightly elongated?

8 – Do you have a triangle shape on the palm of your hand?

9 – Do you always wear your “darkish” hair long, whether you are man or woman?

10 – Do you wear velvet cloaks and crystal necklaces and don’t care if people smirk as you waft by?

11 – Is your favourite dress a gold sheath or tight lame pants?

12 – Do you go for diamond nose, ear or belly button rings?

13 – Do you talk to the moon?

14 – Do you have long conversations with your cat?

15 – Are you ready to fight to the last breath for a beloved friend an abused child or a hurt animal?

16 – Do senior citizens cry or laugh with joy when you are around?

17 – Do you have a crystal collection?

18 – Have you seen a ghost?

19 – Have you overcome many life challenges?

20 – Are you attracted to mystical places?