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Psychics have an inner “calling” to touch the magical, the wonders of the universe and the gifts of Spirit contained within their souls. Psychics access mystical states in dreams and visions, connecting to the Divine, to spiritual truths, to the imperceptible mysteries of a multi faceted reality.

Self Knowledge

But in order to tune into the “other worldly” it is important they acquire self knowledge and calm down their central nervous systems. A stressed out individual will have problems accessing the multiple dimensions of Sacred Space. So Psychics seek calm and self awareness.

1. Daily meditation puts them in touch with their Higher Selves or the angelic and soulful energies so indiscernible to the ordinary man. Some might prefer to use a mantra, others guided visualization techniques or vision quests to access altered states of consciousness. They could buy a music or meditation CD to accompany them on a mystical journey to “Oneness” or just use the simple “in and out” breath meditative methods. In any event meditation allows them to find infinite ways of relating to the highest spiritual echelons.

2. De stress techniques are vital. This can mean changing diet, or taking some physical exercise. Yoga helps stay cantered and in the “now”. Psychics develop a strong inner core and a capacity to travel to parallel universes without remaining stuck in them! Therefore an element of mental detachment is necessary and a simple daily yogic position such as the well known “Salute to the Sun” technique can provide that calm state.

3. Psychics nearly always join a “Circle” and practice empathic and spiritual exercises with other sensitives. When they were apprentices, they often enrolled in a course with a well known educational institution such as the College of Psychic Studies in London. They know it is important to continually increase their metaphysical knowledge and become aware of new scientific evidence of multi dimensional realities. An enquiring mind is necessary to psychics. Without a yearning for knowledge and a wish to expand perceptions of reality, the psychics’ talents fall on stony ground.

4. Psychics dedicate their lives to helping others, to opening their hearts to compassion, ready to give in these times of great planetary change. When they are dedicated to their gift, they undertake an initiation ceremony and vow to overcome the narrow, closed down perceptions of material reality and partake in the wonders of the Divine Plan. So if you yearn to love your fellow man, to reach out and guide them through their problems. If you long to emanate a pure light of loving kindness and compassion and see into the mysteries of existence, understanding psychics, or even becoming one yourself will not be that difficult.

For those of you who want to learn the truth about our awesome and multidimensional reality, we extend our congratulations. Your journey will be challenging, exciting, sometimes difficult, always magical, and without question life enhancing!