Online Clairvoyant Reading

19185115wwwwebsiteWhen we go for an online clairvoyant reading we are usually in a crisis. We seek someone to confide in, someone who can tell us it will all be okay in the end. Yet, as we check out websites for that online clairvoyant reading, we might realise we are going beyond our mainstream perceptions of reality.

Psychics doing readings stretch their perceptions of reality on a day to day basis! An empath tuning into an online clairvoyant reading might have discovered her gifts from an early age. She/he realised there was something odd going on when they managed to predict the letter with the good news, the friend who had passed on, or even accessed beings from diverse dimensions such as ET’s, angels and fairies. But the fact is sceptics and the “Forces that Be” have educated us to believing that paranormal forces are dreamed up by hippies or the deluded. So, no matter how fascinated we are by an online clairvoyant reading there is nearly always a part of us that has difficulty in taking on board mystical realities. For those still in doubt, the phenomenon that was Mirin Dajo might help get to grips with an awesome energy, a force that enables (what appears to be a normal man) perform stunning feats that are as inexplicable to the sceptics as they are to the “believers”.

Mirin Dajo

Mirin was a Dutchman, who came to this world in 1917 and left it in 1948. He is still considered by many to be a miracle man. Why? Well, the astounding Mirin was pierced repeatedly by knives and swords without losing one drop of blood! In his article about Mirin Philip Coppens explains. “The phenomenon of apparently reality-altering displays is notoriously long,” he states.” For many, this is purely conjuring, sleight of hands or coincidence; for others it is evidence of a higher force at work, if not a “plan” of something above – God? – making itself known to us below.” Coppens also cites, “Sister Ana de Los Angeles Monteagudo a mystic whose body remained a fresh as a daisy even after burial. Since her death, she has been credited with several miracles and as such, in 1985, Pope John Paul II made her a saint”. Coppens also tells us that “In the 1970s, Uri Geller’s psychic abilities were repeatedly (even ad nauseum) tested and confirmed in many of the world’s leading laboratories, yet we remember him most for his spoon-fights with his sparring partner James Randi, a man who seldom, if ever, focuses on the more difficult to contest psychic feats that Geller performed in the most scientific of conditions.”

Regarding Mirin, Coppens informs, “Mirin Dajo was reported to be a “Miracle Man” by Time Magazine which stated: “In times of stress ‘miracle men’ have a habit of bobbing up with ‘messages’ for a world in search of signs and wonders. Some swallow swords, some are buried alive, some sleep on tacks. Others – the more conservative kind – merely possess ‘supernatural powers. As Mirin Dajo stands stoically an assistant seems to push swords and spears through his chest. ‘I am no artist,’ Dajo said, ‘but a prophet. If you believe in God, your will can dominate your body. People wouldn’t believe me if I started to talk. But after seeing my invulnerability they will.’ The act was a great success. So many people fainted that waiters demanded payment of checks before each performance.”

When we connect to an online clairvoyant reading, some of us actually do conceive we are partaking of a mini miracle, but few of us understand the metaphysical realities of a psychic undertaking that online clairvoyant reading. We might ask how do they “know” what we feel? How do they pick up our past, and read our future? We even might take that gift for granted, or even see it as a con, but few of us realise that we do might hold such gifts within us, perhaps hidden in the depths of our subconscious minds. Many of us cannot even register the wonders all around us, the extraordinary balance of nature as it creates and destroys. The mystery of love, and the fact no microscope or scientist can prove its existence scientifically seems escapes us. The fact is there are things we do not understand, as our scientists seek to decipher our universe.

So next time you decide to go for an online clairvoyant reading, open yourself out to a potential miracle and as that online clairvoyant reading unfolds, you could even start to connect to your own natural sense of awe, that thrill as you take a peep into the future. Now, what could be more amazing than that?