Psychic Tarot

7621951shockgirlWhy a Psychic Tarot Reading?

We usually go for a psychic tarot reading when we are in crisis. The plumber did not show up and the washing machine is leaking into our front room, creating a mini lake. The husband walked out with the cat. The teenage daughter decided to run away to Istanbul, the handsome next door neighbour is yelling across the fence. Life is no beach any more. It is just one long worrying experience. Perhaps a psychic tarot reading will help us to see through the challenges and give us solutions.

Telephone Readings

The telephone psychic tarot reading surprises us from the word go! Our empath informs us that our current confusion is just an indication of the positive changes about to manifest. She says “Honey, it always grows dark before the dawn! She also suggests we might need to learn to be more flexible, to assess new information, to stop reacting with rigid pre conceptions. We need to let the force of life ripple over us in other words, rather than the washing machine rippling overflow into our front room! The empath even insists on explaining spiritual laws, stating they are the basis of our psychic tarot reading, metaphysical laws that sustain us in moments of challenge and confusion. We blink madly trying to understand, our ear stuck to the phone receiver, our mind grasping at straws, the confusion getting worse.

The Experience

This evolved psychic tarot reader will just not stop, she just goes on and on about how wonderful everything is going to be. She says we will take up the challenge, see life from a higher perspective, overcome the bank manager’s doubts about the remortgage! We blink, and gasp. The empath also says she will introduce us to healing systems, to fascinating ways of metaphysical thinking geared to awaken the divinity within us. She goes as far as to tell us we need to rewire our perception of reality. We think perhaps if we rewire the house, the electrics would not play up as much, but we bite our tongue. Of course, we realise, when we go for a psychic tarot reading we cannot expect mainstream explanations on life. The psychic sees things on a multi dimensional level and one of those levels, the psychic insists, is about reactivating our chakras as we enter a new evolutionary cycle of consciousness.

We are gasping for a drink, we want to run out of the door. The empath continues to make us feel insecure by telling us that the two hemispheres of our brain will soon unite our perceptions and that feeling of duality, that sense of separateness, as if spirit and materiality are just two divided forces, will end. But when she starts to say that new synaptic pathways will grow in our brains and encourage our spiritual growth we wonder if she is alright! But then perhaps she is, things could not be much worse, perhaps it is really time to give up thinking that we will ever win the lottery. And in that moment, the psychic tarot empath sort of reads our minds and says we will never be very rich but we will be very happy and she reminds us life is less about hanging on to relationships that hurt us, i.e. people who use and abuse us, and more about having fun and enjoying who we are.

The psychic tarot reader tells us how the force of our thoughts creates our reality. She insists that all that mean and negative thinking about other people will not help us build on positive life results. In fact putting others down, seeing their most negative traits, stick like dark glue in our auric field, and create trouble for us in the future. We wonder about our recent nagging marathons, and suddenly realise why hubby walked out with the cat under his arm.

The psychic tarot reader tells us it is hard to realize when we are being nasty, judgmental and unkind, but we all are, and this is “almost” normal in a society that pushes people to succeeding financially, rather than encouraging kindness and compassion for others.

As the psychic tarot reader advises us to stand up to our negativity by fostering beautiful, light filled thoughts, we think she might not be so wacky after all. As she tells us that by thinking positive we will draw our soul mate to us, and that true love will manifest, we wonder whether hubby walking out might not have been such a bad idea after all, we always fancied the next door neighbour, with all that screaming over the fence he is just so masterful!

The Buddhist concept of loving kindness and harmlessness is the road we need to travel, she says. Gosh, the psychic tarot reader has really helped us face hubby walking out and the teenage daughter belly dancing in Turkey, after all Jenny is just following her higher purpose. Perhaps all this will start to move us forwards into our higher purpose now, unify our cerebral matter just like she said, help us start thinking life is wonderful as our next door neighbour bangs down the door, takes us in his arms and we realise he has been madly in love with us for years!