Easter Egg Horoscopes from Russell Grant

Will it be an extra-thick Easter Egg, Chunky Chocolate or is it the filling that attracts?
Russell Grant reveals what each of the Star Signs would love as their Easter treat…


Aries – Aries will love it if the Easter Bunny leaves them an assortment of Easter Eggs with a fine array of tempting tastes.

Taurus – Taste, aroma and wrapping are all important for the selective Taurus.
Go for extra tantalising flavour, expensive brands and quality rather than quantity!

Gemini – Small, individually foil-wrapped eggs they can dip into long after Easter is over or an Easter gift basket filled with an assortment of chocolate will be the perfect gift for Gemini.

Cancer – Creative Cancerians will go out of their way to fill a basket full of personally decorated eggs for their loved ones.
A chocolate nest cake stuffed with mini chocolate eggs will appeal to the nurturing side of their nature.

Leo – Leos love Easter as this is their chance to have some creative fun.
There’s nothing like joining the kids decorating eggs to bring out their inner child.
Chocolate always gives Leo an uplift and the bigger the Easter egg, the better!

Virgo – Virgo will appreciate the care and thought that goes into handmade chocolate eggs.
An Easter fruit gift basket or fruit flavoured chocolate eggs will make Virgo feel they’re eating healthily while enjoying an Easter treat.

Libra – A fabulous Faberge egg is a gift the Libran will treasure forever.
Hollow chocolate eggs will disappoint them as will solid ones.
For a real Easter surprise, Librans need a sumptuously decorated egg with exciting fillings.

Scorpio – Arrange an Easter Egg hunt to delight the Scorpio who loves a mystery.
Scorpio will enjoy creamy flavours that melt on their tongue.
An Easter-Egg-and- Champagne hamper will surely capture the romantic Scorpio’s heart!

Sagittarius – As an alternative to the traditional chocolate egg, Sagittarius would appreciate the thought that goes into an Easter selection box filled with a selection of chocolate from around the world.

Capricorn – Combine old traditions like hiding dyed or painted eggs for the Capricorn to find. When the hunt is over, present Capricorn with a quality chocolate Easter egg that is indulgent, decadent and if they are on a diet, very very naughty!

Aquarius – Organic and Fairtrade Easter Eggs are the ideal choice for the Aquarian.
Unique novelty eggs will fulfil Aquarian’s chocolate dreams. Go for minimalist packaging.

Pisces – Romantic Pisces loves surprises and loves to be kept guessing. Gift them with candle-dripped Easter eggs as well as chocolate ones!
They can be a bit old-fashioned in their tastes and a shell that has a ripple of white chocolate running through it will be deliciously perfect.