David Cameron

david-cameron1Pearls before swine! Some things Libran Dave promises to deliver will go over the heads of so many. There is a chance  that the ridiculous ‘toff’ image for the unsophisticated amongst the electorate could rub off – BUT whatever he does the rigid unintelligentsia are never going to vote Tory anyway. But he does have a very beautiful chart with an emphasis on Leo and Libra – including Libra’s ruler Venus – sure he has charm but being a triple Libran AND Leo this gives him abilities as a tactician, diplomat and suave performer. However, a lot of Libra can also lead to vacillation and procrastination – for instance I have taken a peek at Chris Grayling’s chart and in recent months the possible Home Secretary to be has come up with gaffe after gaffe and he could undo much of the good work Dave is doing – he must get rid of this April 1st fool or he will hold back the party’s image. David Cameron must not waiver when the time comes for him to make a choice, he must have the power vested in his chart (and his Mars return in Leo) to give those who don’t come up to scratch a right royal thumbs down. His chart compared with the British and Election Day chart is not too bad but with Mercury retrograde and squaring his Jupiter/Moon in regal Leo is MUST spell everything out in single syllables and leave nothing to chance – he must explain his policies and intentions or others are bound to put words in his mouth and that could be his failure – an inability to speak for himself if he hasn’t made something clear – he could lose the election on presumptions and assumptions not to mention the wiles of fellow Libran, Peter Mandelson.