Election 2010 Update

Thanx for all your questions about the election. A classic manifestation of it was the total confusion of the voters who couldn’t vote and running out of ballot papers. Now watch as Mercury slows down it will dawn on Labour what the public mostly know – Brown is a loser and liability and calls for him to go both openly and secretly will gather momentum – May 12th to 28th crucial.

Clegg has an irascible, hardline chart. He mustn’t be too demanding or rigid – he will excel as a tactician and with his business acumen and calculating Capricorn nature he must know how far to go and not go over the top but know how far to go and then stop. There is a side of Cam that will not reward avarice or greed from Nick.

Another great strength of Libra and even more so the grittier side of Dave is compromise – he will look for areas of mutality with other parties like the Lib Dems where they can work together. Sharing and harmony is very Libra / a balance is what this sign likes look how Dave wants constituencies of equal sizes in any electoral reform.

Updated Cam chart – his sun in Libra is about to kick off: Librans will fight for justice and fairness more than any other sign. His innate sense of unfairness at having the PM job title being whipped away from under his nose will gear him up for a fight he will eventually win against Brown. The next major aspect Inv V…enus and Mars tonight means between now and 10 pm he will declare war!

Early findings astrologically: I think we can safely say that up until May 12th communications are totally batty, and some unreal and ridiculous terms will be suggested between the parties. Agreements will be crossed and double-crossed, communications are totally askew and nothing will stick, what is agreed one day is gone the next.

Mercury is retrograde until May 12th but doesn’t get back up to speed until around the 28th – lots of fun and games in store me ol’ fruits!

Just done composite chart of Clegg and Brown – boy I’d stake my reputation that they personally HATE each other. So that doesn’t bode well …. I reckon Brown could be gone by May 12th.