Zodiac Perspectives on Halloween

For some people it means dressing up in scary costumes and joining friends trick-or-treating. For others it’s a great excuse for a party. Some respect the ancient beliefs that ghosts of the dead return to earth on the night of Halloween. Here’s a look at Sun Sign perspectives on the spookiest night of the year.

Halloween’s the perfect time for young Arians to have some mischievous fun without getting punished for it! All Arians will quickly get into the spirit, decorating their homes with spine-chilling props and offering visitors spooky snacks.

To help save money and the planet Taurus will urge all their friends to recycle their Halloween decorations and materials. They will also come up with some great ideas on Halloween costumes using ordinary items from around the home.

Most Geminis will look on the Halloween celebrations as pretty harmless fun. They love to socialise and to use their imaginations and that’s why any party they attend will be eerily entertaining.

Cancer will make Halloween a great time to enjoy with the family. If they aren’t throwing a party of their own, adults and children alike will dress up as happy ghosts and attend spooky gatherings. This Water sign will have had more than their fair share of scary Halloween experiences they’ll be happy to share if you ask for details!

Leos love the theatrical and any excuse to get into fancy dress. They stand out in a crowd as being the ones dressed in the most impressive Halloween costume. If it has cost them the earth, they won’t admit it! Creative Leos will have their own tricks up their sleeves like ghost-shaped biscuits, spider pies and spare body parts for anyone who dares call at their house trick or treating.

Virgo will watch the celebrations from a distance wearing a discreet costume and keeping well away from the spotlight but not so far back that they’re completely in the shadows! Virgos have an eye for detail and will enjoy capturing Halloween moments shared with friends on camera. Don’t be surprised if, afterwards, they matter-of-factly point out all the orbs in the photographs!

Libra will make Halloween a collaborate venture. Yes they’ll visit a haunted house if there are plenty others who will join them! Whether a Devil or an Angel, a witch or a priest Libra will always feel weird being a fake and they won’t ever purposefully scare anyone!

Challenge a Scorpio to spend a night in a haunted house at Halloween and they’ll either snap your hand off or they’ll insist on steering well clear. They respect Halloween as being the eve of the pagan Celtic festival Samhain and all it stands for.
Scorpios have a secret desire to delve into the realms of the mystical and they will be fascinated by ghost hunts and spooky sightings that cannot be scientifically explained.

From scavenger hunts to bonfires, if Sagittarius is doing the entertaining it will be a night that’s talked about for a long time to come! Very little scares the Sagittarian and they can be relied on to come up with some great ideas if planning a Halloween Night of Horror.

Capricorns are respectful for the ancient traditions of All Hallow’s Eve, both the fun ones and the spiritual. Samhain’s the time when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is the thinnest and just in case there are any evil spirits about, Capricorn will keep their home well lit so as to scare them away!

From trashy to trendy, Aquarius will enthusiastically join in the fun at Halloween. Whether it is watching vampire movies or attending fun Halloween gatherings, Aquarius will enjoy their fair share of pranks and spooky entertainment. They have many a spine-chilling tale to tell and despite their relaxed demeanour they also respect the ancient traditions of Halloween.

For Pisceans it is the overtones of the supernatural and the expectation of ghostly experiences that makes Halloween a time of the year to anticipate with both excitement and dread! These romantics will join in with the fun superstitions of the evening such as peeling an apple in one long piece, throwing it over the shoulder and on landing it will give the initial of their beloved!