Carole Somerville – Biography

Carole Somerville  –  Biography


dscn2037Carole Somerville has been studying and using astrology, Tarot Cards and other forms of divination for 30 years. She first became interested in astrology in her late teens and cast her first chart in 1976. She then went on to enhance her expertise by studying with the Mayo School of Astrology, receiving their diploma in 1984.

 In the 1980’s Carole established herself as a leading writer for key astrology magazines including Destiny, Your Stars, Exploring the Supernatural and Your Future. In the 1990’s Carole’s print media clients extended to include The Daily Mirror, The People and Destiny. Her work began to incorporate problem pages, dream analysis, supplying telephone forecasts and information booklets. Between 1994 and 1996 Carole was astrologer for the Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post. This led to Carole becoming the astrologer for a number of other regional newspaper clients.

 Through the nineties, Carole’s forecasts were seen and heard throughout the world including America, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Africa.

 Carole also worked as a consultant for the Psychic Friends Network helping them establish and then write their quarterly magazine Destiny. As well as turning out a range of exciting articles on New Age subjects, Carole answered reader’s problems and analysed their dreams.

 Just prior to the start of the new millennium, Carole took a degree in psychology. In recent years along with her astrological work, Carole has been studying complementary therapies and Reiki. She is a Certified Reiki Master and is currently writing a handbook for students of Reiki. Carole is also a member of the International Natural Healers Association.

 Her experience is wide and varied and includes writing, taking workshops, counselling and healing.

 Her objective is to employ the knowledge and experience she has gained through her professional and personal experiences for the benefit of others. In her work, Carole helps people take charge of their lives through improved understanding and through taking a more positive attitude to making choices. Astrology can be used as a tool for guidance; the ultimate choice is with the individual.