Maggie Philbin

Maggie Philbin, by Philip Garcia

To say Maggie Philbin, radio and TV presenter, is a nice person would be an understatement! She is also a well turned out Cancer, looking good in leather pants and chic suits alike. And just look at that big, generous smile. She has a natural warmth and empathic glow to her persona. A strong, earnest lass, with her sun sign is Cancer, she does not exactly have a closet penchant for adventure, but she will give something risky a go! Two of her claims to fame were riding a Top Fuel Dragster, and flying upside down in a Hawker Hunter on Tomorrow’s World. Her producer would have said “Go on Maggie, get in the Hawker Hunter!” and she would have been too darned curious to say no. A jolly Mercury in Cancer will always encourage her to take the proverbial “bull by the horns” and get on with it!  She has a quick mind, can assimilate ideas at the speed of sound. 


She will sit with you for hours debating Green issues, or the way the world is going, she loves to express her ideas at a rattling pace, may be because Mr. Mercury is one of her best astro pals. He inspires her, makes her quick on the uptake. Mr.M also insists in popping into her Venus, hence her love life will not be of the “bodice ripping” typology. She wants a guy who has a grip on the facts of life, someone who can put up a kitchen shelf and partake of a stream of fun repartee simultaneously. Yet there is some contradiction to her emotional world; Maggie’s sun sign can make deeper sentiments surprisingly difficult to deal with, she expects a lot from her partners and friends. She wants them to be full on genuine, and when they are not she feels crushed. Not everyone is as sincere as Maggie, yet she is far too independent and generous to resent the past; she had absolutely no qualms about appearing with her ex husband Keith Chegwin on Swap Shop for its 30th anniversary shindig.  


She does love her mementos though; you know that coloured sand from the Isle of White, an old theatre ticket, her daughter’s first pink booties.  She is divorced from Keith, and her lovely daughter Rose is her “raison d’être”. With her sun blazing high in Cancer, Maggie is a fabulous mum. Okay she might snap at Rose suddenly, all moody Cancer style, but her Mars also in “homey” Cancer will make sure their environment is Feng Shui balanced and loving. Maggie knows “little things mean a lot”, and will take care of the details, i.e. where a vase is placed, exactly the right spot for a favourite picture, making sure she and her daughter sip coffee in a kitchen with sun streaming through its windows, etc. Now we will let you into a secret, the true reason for Maggie’s success is Jupiter in Leo: Like Julie Andrews she could burst into a song like “Climb Every Mountain”, at the drop of a hat. Maggie is a humanitarian. There will be many good works she will want to participate in; she is already a patron of the National Osteoporosis Society for one. You see that charismatic Jupiter shines all over her and those rays are warm and enlightening, making her popular and beloved.  She knows that life is a rich tapestry, and she will want to integrate as many experiences as possible into her time on this planet. She is not a shirker, nor is a “passer of the buck” she is a woman who stands tall, ready to take full on responsibility for her actions. The fact is she will always transform the bad to good, never afraid to dig deep until she has got over any challenge.   


She learnt many moons ago, that worrying never got her anywhere special. So will have stood up to a tendency to be self critical, always picking up a good idea, and following it through to pull herself back up from the dumps. Sometimes Saturn, her becausemic teacher, might have thrown her into a crisis such as a relationship break up, but she will have transformed the bad to good with her honest take. Being attached to her material possessions, she will have also found a good hole in the ground to bury her money, and will have made sure it is in a vault, or treasure chest to utilize on future rainy days. But relationships will be still be a little challenging, perhaps because she has morphed into such a free spirit over the years, and would find it hard to let go of any aspect of her independent lifestyle. Pluto will push her forwards in 2009. She will reach a wider audience. She will feel that this is the time to gather all her gifts together, and stand in the spotlight even more. We sense you are making the right decisions Maggie and we cannot wait to see more of your open hearted style on our small screens. We know you will achieve much more that you could ever imagine in this lifetime, and we wish you the best of luck.