24710469_thbAromatherapy involves the use of natural plant essences to promote health, wellbeing and vitality. These natural plant essences commonly known as essential oils are highly concentrated and are extracted from plants and trees known to exhibit therapeutic properties. Each of these plants contains a small percentage of essential oil which varies from plant to plant. How much of a percentage together with the method of extraction and availability, usually determines its price. For example it takes more than three times the weight of rose petals to lavender flowers to extract the same volume of essential oil and this is primarily why rose oil commands such a premium price over lavender.

Essential oils have been utilised by man for their therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. Records going as far back as Ancient Egypt show the High Priests and Royal Family members used pure essential oils in natural skin care cosmetics, perfumes, medicines and massage oils. These oils deliver a distinctly unique source of energy, both physical and spiritual. They are a living intelligence emanating from within the aromatic plant. That is why some essential oils can be described as fresh and lively or warm and earthy. The physical side of Aromatherapy as energy medicine is the breaking down of these so called components of essential oils (their chemistry, biophysics etc) into antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral to name just a few physical actions.

On the other hand Spiritual or subtle energy is present in all organic life. It flows through us all and is also known among other names as qi or chi (Chinese) or as prana (Sanskrit) the life force that emanates from all living things. So too the uniquely delicate energy captured within the essential oils such as rose or neroli reminds us of gentle love and the beauty that abounds not only in nature but also within ourselves. This subtle energy vibrates at the souls level wrapping us in the wings of an angel. So when we use essential oils in everyday life, either through inhalation for a cold or in a carrier oil for a relaxing massage or simply diffusing the oils a distinctly different energy is created within our being.

Each essential oil is a holistic creation that has the intelligence capable of influencing us on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The following oils will naturally harmonise and enhance each other. Neroli (orange blossom) with its delicate and sophisticated scent calms the nerves and uplifts the Spirit. It is a sensual oil that is both soothing for negative emotions and harmoniously grounding. Orange (fruit) is a sweet, warm and joyful oil. It conveys an easy-going approach for the obsessive perfectionist types. Lastly, Petitgrain (stem) is bitter and herbaceous instilling comfort and settling emotions.