Petal Power

26546962thbEvery flower has a spirit that can guide and inspire you, from the peaceful peony to the intuitive iris. Here’s how to unfurl their fragrant forces and live life in full bloom.

Allium – Message: Connection

Amaryllis – Message: Sexuality

Arum Lily – Message: Peace

Autumn Crocus – Message: Transformation

California Poppy – Message: Positivity

Celandine – Message: Limitless possibilities

Corncockle – Message: Spontaneity

Dwarf Iris – Message: Self-acceptance

Echinacea – Message: Strength

Evening Primrose – Message: Self-esteem

Globe thistle  – Message: Perception

Lupin – Message: Balance

Mallow – Message: Passion

Nasturtium – Message: Flexibility

Ox-Eye Daisy – Message: Bliss

Penstemon – Message: Physical energy

Peony – Message: Divinity

Violet – Message: Friendship


Spirit & Destiny

Spirit & Destiny