Shay Parker of Shay Parker's Best American Psychics Was Recently Interviewed to Explain Why Her Directory Sets the Standard for Tested, Accurate, Ethical Psychic Readings

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 01, 2011

How many of us have paid good money for a psychic reading and have walked away feeling scammed, or not satisfied with the psychic? This is a common problem for those who have esoteric interests and are seeking ethical, legitimate, and accurate psychic readings.

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics is an internet directory featuring intuitive advisors that have been tested as legitimate, ethical, and accurate psychic professionals.

In a recent interview with Shay Parker, the founder of Best American Psychics, she explains how her directory operates.

I want to address what sets us apart from other directories. Yes, there are a ton of directories out there, some with hundreds of people, some even with thousands. There are also several that have call buttons for those seeking immediate psychic readings. Many look at these as psychic hotlines, which tends to immediately create skepticism and wariness in many.

Parker continues, People should be wary when seeking psychic advice. They are investing their hard-earned time, money, and trust in these individuals from whom they are seeking advice. This is a sacred honor for the psychic reader, and should be treated as such.

Shay Parker is a well-known and highly respected radio host on CBS Radio, hosting two shows, Metaphysical Minds with Shay Parker and her newest show, Best of the Best with Shay Parker. Throughout the years as a radio personality, Shay has interviewed some very well-known names, including Melissa Etheridge and Shirley MacLaine. Parker has studied extensively, constantly researching, reading, taking courses, and attending expos and seminars for continued education within the esoteric world.

Throughout her interviews, studies, etc, Shay found that a recurring complaint amongst those seeking spiritual advice or even psychic/medium readings was the fact that they did not know where to find an ethical psychic reader. As a result, Shay launched Best American Psychics.

When Parker speaks about Best American Psychics (BAP), it is evident she is very proud of the directory of psychics she has. Parker states, Many people ask me how my directory is different from the hundreds of others out there. What is so special about it? Well, the answer is very simple in my mind. Our psychics are the difference.

She continues, BAP is an exclusive, limited directory. You will never see hundreds of names running down the side of our directory because we cap the amount of readers we will allow. If you are listed within a sea of never-ending names, what are the chances of your phone ever ringing?

We are growing slowly and solidly, with strong, ethical, professional psychics, says Parker. We make it a point to require two separate test readings (one with a tester and one with a client) for all our psychics because, quite frankly, if they do not meet all the standards we test for, then we cannot, in good faith, use everyone’s collective money (the member fees) to promote them.

Best American Psychics was the very first psychic directory to offer Immediate Call Buttons in addition to private website listings and links for each psychic on the directory. Typical psychic hotlines such as Keen, Live Person, etc. do not ever allow their psychic readers to list their own, private websites. This is a way of controlling the amount of money made by the hotlines, preventing direct contact with the psychics so that the hotline always controls the money earned.

Shay Parker decided, at the inception of her company, to offer clients both options. Shay elaborates on this, The call buttons on the site are in place as a means of offering immediate service to those customers with burning questions that cannot wait. They are not and never have been intended to replace private readings. We would much rather allow our psychics to receive 100% of the payment on a private reading, versus receiving the 55% payout we offer on the call buttons.

When questioned about her company’s ethical reputation, Parker answers, Our integrity as a company speaks for itself, as internationally acclaimed psychics such as Michelle Whitedove and John J. Oliver proudly appear on our directory. As the founder of BAP, I am proud to represent everyone.

If you are a psychic who may be looking for a new place to join like-minded individuals who possess integrity, professionalism, and accuracy in your field, visit Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and complete an application

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